Crying and Cutting

Hello. I dont promote suicide or cutting but this is my only escape. Message me if you need advice. Ill get back to you right away because i care. You beuatiful and i love you.
Anonymous asked: Hi, I wanted to say thanks, that hairband around the wrist idea is helping me not relapse back into the cutting cycle.


its a nice way to relieve pain with out risking cutting to deep ir anything

I dont know why i love you. Actually i do. Because we had so many funs time together and i want those times back! I miss you! I want you back. I know you were never mine. That sucked, and it still does. Just because of your relationship problems. I hate that about you that you let one girl ruin your relationship experience. Im different. I would treat you so much better! I want you so bad. I want to be your best friend, your everything you need, your perfect girl.. your my paradise… and i wish i was yours back.

Anonymous asked: Hey. I'm a girl and I cut fot the first time only to see how it was like. I was ok but I wanted to know, to understand why people did that. But a month later I was really sad so I did it again and I liked it. My friend saw my wrist so next time I did it in my leg. And after that, in my shoulder and under my arm. The scars in my wrist won't go away so I use the same bracelet everyday so no one can see it. And now I'm afraid that I won't be able to stop. That was only an outflow. Thanks


Darling please change your state of mind

Anonymous asked: Are you in a better place now? Or do you still struggle with cutting and anorexia?


Anorexia occasionally but im all better :3

Anonymous asked: Do your friends and family know about your depression/anorexia?


Um yeah. Its gotten alot better tho. i eat. i dont cut anymore. im actually getting a tattooe soon to celebrate my stopping of cutting :)

Anonymous asked: my friend self-harms. whenever i ask her about it, she changes the subject. what should i do?


Stay with her. tell her she needs to change her state of mind.

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